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About Alelie

Alelie Alejandro

Licensed Esthetician/Energy Healer

Est. 2014

Alelie graduated and received her esthetics license in November of 2014 from Marinello in Bakersfield, California and has paved the way for her holistic route ever since! Skincare quickly became her passion while in school after learning about how to truly care for the skin microbiome and bring forth the balance.



Alelie specializes in skin balance and incredibly relaxing treatments. With almost a decade of being in the industry and working in different spas, she has gained a lot of experience and knowledge. She loves making you feel like you are floating on a cloud when you leave. She is honored and grateful to take you to zen mode.


High-Quality Products


Most products available on the market today are unfortunately filled with synthetic ingredients, fillers and preservatives that are either doing absolutely nothing for your skin (what a waste of money!or could be damaging to your skin health. Alelie is very selective with what she brings into the treatment room. Her commitment to potent and safe herbal products is guaranteed.



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