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Benefits Of a Facial


Of all the reasons to get a facial, one of the most important ones is to learn how to properly care for your individual skin type.

As an esthetician, a majority of my clients come through the door not knowing what skin type they have, AND THAT IS TOTALLY FINE! That's what estheticians and skincare professionals are here for. We went to school exactly for this and are thrilled that you have made it into our treatment room for some skincare education and relaxation. 

An invigorating facial is going to use products, ingredients, tools and techniques suited for your unique skin type.

I ask what your current skin routine is and what products you are using. From there we talk about what you should be adding and/or removing for you to get the most benefits out of your products and routine.

Skin care is about balance and I am here to help you achieve just that! :)

As of May 2019 I have been trained and certified in Gua Sha. I was fortunate enough to be trained by Cecily Braden who is the founder of Beauty Secrets and originator of the Gua Sha Facial Fusion and Herbal Poultice Facial.

Gua Sha is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and helps to restore the power and energy of Chi while simultaneously working the lymphatic system. The theory is that lymph becomes stagnant because there is no central pump in that system. Lymph can only move and flow freely and correctly when there is no tension in the body, this includes face, neck and décolleté. Massage is key to activate circulation and blood flow which encourages regeneration of facial tissue. The relaxation part of this treatment is just a huge bonus!

A facial with Holistic Skincare by Alelie will benefit you in a number of ways:

  • Learn how to properly care for your own unique and individual skin

  • Deep pore cleanse

  • Deep, yet gentle, exfoliation 

  • Blood Flow

  • Circulation

  • Skin tightening 

  • Relaxation

  • Skin balance

  • Kill bacteria

  • Rejuvenated and glowing skin

  • Lymphatic flow/drainage

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