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Natural Ingredients
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I am thankful to have found a skincare line that holds the same ethics, values and passion that I have. 

Their products are made in-house with certified organic botanicals, bioavailable vitamins, essential fatty acids, and skin-soothing seed oils.

They have products suitable for acneic/oily, combination, mature, normal and sensitive skin. 

Blissoma offers cleansers, toners, moisturizers, nourishing oils and masks all made with and through plant power. All products are cruelty- free and certified vegan.

"I am proud to bring to you what I believe is one of the most effective and purest skin care lines on the market today. I hope it meets your highest expectations, and welcomes your comments, questions, or stories about your own personal journey to health and wellness.  " - Julie Longyear, Blissoma founder and herbal chemist

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Mad Hippie is another skincare line I carry that I am grateful for. Their ingredients are clean and amazing quality. Free from parabens, synthetic fragrance, PEGs, and SLS (sulfates).

One of my favorite things about this company is how affordable and result driven they are with their studies and before/after photos. Perfect for students and anyone on a budget! 

They also make me very happy because if you are interested in one of their products and I happen to be out of stock, you can order from them online and they donate a portion of their sales to conservation.


"So, give our natural skin care products a try and feel good knowing you are taking a step towards healthier, more beautiful skin, while we work together towards a healthier, more beautiful planet." - Mad Hippie Website

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