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Love Yourself Facial


A customized and luxurious facial with gentle cleansing, exfoliation, nourishing masks, hydration and moisture will have you

glowing with rejuvenated skin.

I incorporate certified Gua Sha techniques, LED light therapy, microcurrent, facial cupping and high frequency depending on your skin needs.

Fall into a blissfully relaxing state with shoulder, décolleté, neck, face and scalp massage.

120min - $260


90min - $195

60min - $130


Sculpt & Buccal Massage Facial

Cleanse, gentle exfoliation, European sculpting techniques, buccal (intraoral) massage are included. This facial is specifically designed to stimulate blood flow, circulation, promote lymphatic drainage, lift, tone, encourage jaw relaxation, jaw shaping, and have an overall smoothness to your skin. 

120min - $130*

90min - $100*

*These prices will be going up in June

TMJ Relief

A mixture of craniosacral therapy and buccal massage to help relax the jaw, smooth out tension and find some relief from the tightness and sore muscles. This treatment includes a quick cleanse to be able to massage oil onto clean skin, and finishes with a hydrating toner and moisturizer.

60min - $77

Chakra Balancing Facial

Combining reiki, craniosacral therapy and a rejuvenating facial into one treatment is the ultimate self care. Incorporating tuning forks for stagnant chakras if needed and singing bowls to create a healing frequency in and around your body. After the intentional and gentle energy work we will start a nervous system focused facial with the healing power of crystals to continue the relaxation.

180min - $348
(60min reiki | 120min facial)
150min - $283
(60min reiki | 90min facial)
120min - $218
(60min reiki | 60min facial)
90min - $154
(60min reiki | 30min facial)
60min - $111
(30min reiki | 30min facial)

Reiki ~ Craniosacral Healing

My soul purpose is using my gentle and healing touch to take you to a special place of relaxation, tranquility and peace. I blend the ancient healing arts of Reiki and Craniosacral Therapy with sound healing and a touch of breath work to bring you into your body to get the full benefit of these healing arts.

Reiki is a healing technique that uses energy to balance chakras (energy wheels located in the center of our bodies, governing different areas and organs) by getting energy to move and flow correctly. Some people will feel the energy moving more than others, depending on how in tune you are with your body and how sensitive you are to energy. Every individual experience is different. Some people experience going on a journey (which can be incredibly insightful and healing), seeing colors, an emotional release, and sometimes it is so deeply relaxing people fall asleep. The Reiki energy does the healing whether you are able to stay awake or not. 

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle and healing technique that was taught to me in a way that respected the indigenous roots that it comes from, which I deeply appreciate. This technique works with the bones in the skull to remind them to do what they are supposed to do. They are supposed to have a rhythm of slightly coming apart and back together to allow cerebral spinal fluid to flow up and down the body and bathe the brain. For so many different reasons, the bones get stuck together and do not allow the fluid to bathe the brain the way it is meant to. This technique alone is incredibly soothing and relaxing to the nervous system, which is needed in our fast paced and high stressed American culture.

It's important to add that this will not fix any issues you are experiencing. This is a stepping stone to your higher self so you can feel more connected to your soul and hopefully get some clarity on what work needs to be done on your end; physically, mentally and spiritually.

No one has the ability to heal you more

than you can heal yourself.

60min - $88


90min - $99


30min - $44


Emotional Release

Go on a journey with human presence, verbal guidance, subconscious visualization, psychosomatic bodywork and expressive breathing. Unlock suppressed emotions in a safe, supportive and loving environment. Allow yourself to deeply connect to your body, emotions and power.

Chronic pain, poor life choices and repeated unhealthy patterns can all be related to repressed emotions we refuse to face. Sometimes we don't even know we are pushing these emotions deep inside of us to never be seen and witnessed. This was often learned in childhood. This experience is an intentional effort to overcome the fear of the unknown to explore what you have been suppressing and holding onto. Whether you are ready to fully feel and witness what emotions you have been holding onto, or not ready, just knowing what has been stored inside and accepting that they are there can be really impactful. Being able to unlock them from the container (also known as fascia) they have been stored in to hold them and feel them fully may come with more sessions. It's about going at your pace and with what you are ready and comfortable with. I learned how to hold space for these sessions with the incredible NEO emotional release team in February - September 2023. I am currently still in the process of receiving a certification. My prices will go up as I gain more experience to become certified.

This session can only be booked on a Saturday or Sunday. It will be about a two hour session.

ONLINE - $55
This will be an hour session.



A gentle approach and an all natural form of hair removal consisting of sugar, lemon and water. This process is less irritating because the sugar is body temperature, not burning hot and provides smoother skin with longer lasting results than waxing.


Eyebrows - $20

Lip - $15

Chin - $15

Sideburns - $15

Cheeks - $15

Chest - $35

Stomach/Torso - $30

Happy Trail - $10

Full Back - $65

Half Back - $35

Full Arms - $40

Half Arms - $25

Fingers - $10

Underarms - $20

Brazilian - $75

Bikini - $40

Butt Cheeks - $30

Butt Crack - $15

Thighs - $40

Lower Legs - $55

Full Legs - $80

Foot/Toes - $10

Gift certificates are available to purchase in store and online.

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